Broadband Bidding Program

Get competitive bids for direct Internet access (DIA) and point-to-point (transport) circuits from multiple network service providers. NCTC will aggregate participating members’ circuit and bandwidth needs to leverage the buying power of the co-op as we seek to drive down network costs for our member operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated October 28, 2020


Q: What is the Broadband Bidding Program?

A: It’s an additional approach to our Broadband Solutions initiative, intended to achieve greater savings for larger-volume circuit needs.

Q: Why is NCTC doing this? Don’t the existing broadband agreements provide great savings?

A: We’ve been successful with more than 60 members in securing lower rates for members to order individual circuits—now we are taking an aggregate approach to get even lower rates for larger volume circuits. Our direct agreements rates can save operators up to 83% of costs for IP transit services. The Broadband Bidding Program can drive costs down even further, allowing operators with larger capacity circuits to save as much as 33% off our direct agreements rates.

Q: Who can benefit from NCTC’s Broadband Bidding Program?

A: Any member that is upgrading existing network circuits or adding capacity can benefit from NCTC’s negotiated rates for IP transit and transport circuits. Operators with greater than 10Gbps in circuit capacity should consider joining the Broadband Bidding Program to realize additional savings over our negotiated agreement rates.

Q: Can I still sign up for the original NCTC deals?

A: Yes. The NCTC’s current pricing deals with Zayo, Cogent and Windstream still exist, and will continue to become cheaper over time given the aggregate spend plan that has been negotiated with each of those Vendors. A Member can sign contracts for circuits at the current negotiated rate with these vendors at any time. However, if a member is proactive in providing their circuit details to the NCTC they can receive even more competitive pricing than these rates through the Broadband Bidding Program. Circuits through the NCTC that are less than 10Gbps qualify for these standard pricing rates.

Q: Why should an operator participate in NCTC’s Broadband Bidding Program?


  • By aggregating our participating members’ circuit needs into a “bulk” bid request, NCTC is able to leverage the combined buying power of our members to secure lower rates than most individual operators may be able to achieve on their own.
  • NCTC knows the market. We’ve done the leg work, evaluating national and regional network service providers to identify those vendors who are committed to serving our independent member operators with preferred pricing, negotiated service-level agreements (SLAs), and flexible terms.
  • NCTC has the expertise to negotiate on behalf of our member operators. We’ve been negotiating programming license fees for our members for 35 years. Operators depend on us to help manage their programming expenses, and now we’re doing the same for broadband.

How it Works

Q: When can a member join the Broadband Bidding Program?

A: This is an on-going program. NCTC will conduct several bidding cycles throughout the year. Members can join the cycle closest to their existing circuit expiration date, or closest to their desired turnup date of new circuits, keeping in mind the time that it takes approximately 60 days to turn up a Transit only circuit and approximately 90 days or more to turn up a transport circuit depending on the amount of fiber build that is required.

Q: Who can join the Broadband Bidding Program?

A: In general, members that meet all these qualifiers are candidates to benefit from the BBP:

  • Member has new IP transit and/or transport circuits or ones expiring within the next 4 months.
  • Member has IP transit and/or transport circuits that are 10Gbps in capacity or larger.
  • Member accepts the terms and conditions

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Members who wish to add their circuit needs to an upcoming bid will need to first complete our detailed circuit info form located here: Circuit info form.

Upon receipt of your completed circuit info form, a member of our Broadband team will follow up with additional information and further instructions.

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