Broadband Access: Carrier Transit and Transport

Launched in late 2019, NCTC’s Broadband Access program is already helping members save thousands of dollars on carrier transit and transport costs.

Most members are experiencing 40-60% growth per year in broadband traffic. While rates have been decreasing, many members are still paying much more than larger companies.

Under the program, NCTC negotiates agreements with well-established national and regional carriers to provide our members with:

  • Better rates
  • Defined service level commitments
  • Circuit protection/redundancy options
  • Managed renewals and bid requests for larger volume circuit needs
Example Member Savings

One member’s actual savings through NCTC’s IP transit program

NCTC Advantages

  • NCTC has insight into market terms that individual members may not.
  • NCTC has negotiated volume-based rates so the more members use, the lower the cost.
  • NCTC has dedicated account teams with the carriers to help members efficiently obtain quotes, make changes, and resolve issues.
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More to Come

NCTC will continue to add carriers and regional/local transport providers to increase options. NCTC is also planning to assist members with caching and peering solutions to further assist in improving broadband costs, latency and reliability.

Got a Circuit Coming Due for Renewal?

Let us provide you with a quote on any circuits expiring in the next six months. Schedule a meeting with a member of our Broadband team to get a quote.